Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Cookbooks - August 2008

Cooking in Oz: Kitchen Wizardry and a Century of Marvels from America's Favorite Tale - purchased at the Hotel del Coronado. L. Frank Baum frequented the hotel and even designed the crown-shaped lighting in the dining room.

Nellie Lyle Pattinson's North American Cook Book- I found very little information on this book. It appears that Nellie was Canadian and more famous for her Canadian cookbook.

The Ground Meat Cookbook, Culinary Arts Institute- I had to have this cookbook. I had seen this website a while back and added it to my links on the right side of the blog and was intrigued. I am now thinking I might try to collect the whole series of books from the Culinary Arts Institute.

The Casserole Cookbook, Culinary Arts Institute - Another great find from the local antique mall. As many of you know, I am the casserole queen, so I had to have this one as well.

The Cuisines of Mexico - I first heard about this on Food Network on a special about Tex-Mex cuisine. They said this was the first book to coin the phrase "Tex-Mex", but after researching it more, it's not actually in the book anywhere. However, Kennedy was the first author to delineate the differences between Mexican cuisine and Americanized Mexican food.

As you can tell, my collection is becoming more specialized. I am trying to find more vintage books and more that have special meaning to me or culinary history. I am also trying to find cookbooks on more specialized topics like Salad Dressings which was another recent addition.

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